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Semantic edge computing chip and device


AI natural semantic dialogue

AI Text/Voice Customer Service Bot
AI customer service shopping guide Bot


OMO Digital Smart Store

Scan QR code to place an order without contact. Skip-to-wait seats for internal use / Skip-the-line for take-out


Data Mining

Drive competitive differentiation by converting digital data noise to intelligent insights.


AI semantic/voice/visual data integration application

Intelligent data analysis and visual chart decision-making plan


AI semantic/voice chip

AICT/AIoT technology and application services of AI semantic/voice chip for edge devices

OMO Smart Digital Store - Scan the QR code to buy

Best Practices for Digital Transformation of Physical Stores to AI Cloud

AI NLP/NLU Solutions

Ubestream's AI Bot bot provides not only hierarchical menu mode but also semantics dialogue mode. There is also no universal best practice as you will want to change your approach depending on the purpose of the bot, the target audience it will be communicating.

Customer Service Mode & Expert assistant mode

Customer Service Mode:AI customer service is in the front and real customer service is in the back.
Expert Assistant Mode:Expert is in the front and the AI assistant is in the back.

More leads, 24/7

Auto Answer/Recommend/Push

Support Multi-language

English/Chinese Traditional & Simplified

Support Multi-UI



With AI semantic and text analysis technology as the core, it provides a cloud-to-end digital transformation of AI semantic technology integration solutions, and promotes seamless collaboration and human-computer interaction between AI and real-person services.


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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Carnival-Rising Stars of the OTC Shopping Center "Creative Rising Star Theme Zone" Showcase Their Skills

Economic Daily News

Ubestream AI application enters the overseas market, the first AI startup company to climb the counter

Microsoft News Center

Ubestream was selected as the second phase of Microsoft's new accelerator


Ubestream Solutions and Service Content

Government Officials & Legislator

Vice president of Taiwan Lai, Ching-Te paid a visit to Ubestream

Dinner party with chairman of National Development Council Kung,Ming-Hsin

Legislator of Taiwan Kao, Chia-Yu paid a visit to Ubestream