Ubestream Inc. (7587)

        Ubestream Inc. is a Taiwanese AI artificial intelligence technology startup (7587). It is also the TAIRA accelerator of Taiwan’s AI robot, the Microsoft startup accelerator, and AWS Cloud Innovation. The company is currently located at the T.Hub Innovation and Incubation Base of Neihu Science and Technology Park in Taipei.

        The company uses the self-developed core engine of artificial intelligence semantics and text data exploration algorithms as its core capabilities, develops AI edge computing semantic algorithms suitable for near-end device chip computing, and constructs AIaaS smart semantic cloud services to provide text knowledge analysis and exploration and Hybrid AI people The machine collaborative semantic dialogue answering solution will provide multilingual dialogue support and AI semantic data visual integration services in the future to carry out global cross-border operations for the international AI application market, and develop vertical smart innovation applications such as OMO cloud digital smart stores. Contact-free anti-epidemic technology, becoming a global AICT/AIoT artificial intelligence company with multiple IPOs.

Ubestream Inc.

Empower Contactless Digital Transformation from Cloud to Edge AI by Ubestream (TPEX 7587)


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Ubestream AI application enters the overseas market, the first AI startup company to climb the counter

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Ubestream was selected as the second phase of Microsoft's new accelerator


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Ph.D. Yu-Min, Su

CEO, Founder, Data Science Ph.D.

Ph.D. Yu-Min,Su, whose background is in data mining and artificial intelligence semantics, also has a master's degree in business from National Taiwan University and National Cheng Chi University. He is a cross-field professional. The company co-founded with students from the National Taiwan University Business Institute was successfully acquired by eBay in the United States. Co-founded Ubestream (7587) with a Ph.D. student from the Management Institute of Chiao Tung University, Taiwan’s first AI startup list on Taipei Exchange. He once taught in the Department of Information Science at National Cheng Chi University, and has a background in data science theory research and AI innovation and entrepreneurship.

Board of Directors and Supervisors of Taipei Neihu Science and Technology Park Development Association

Government Officials & Legislator

Vice president of Taiwan Lai, Ching-Te paid a visit to Ubestream

Dinner party with chairman of National Development Council Kung,Ming-Hsin

Legislator of Taiwan Kao, Chia-Yu paid a visit to Ubestream